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  • Christian Bering

    Christian Bering

    Management/enterprise architecture consultant. Brainpower for hire. Information omnivore. Happy camper.

  • NetPlayer


    απαίσιος τυπος / awful guy. I control this reality.

  • Ankit Shekhawat

    Ankit Shekhawat

    Head of Emerging Media Labs @moonraft

  • Tom Taylor

    Tom Taylor

    Co-founder and CTO at Breakroom

  • Ana Garcia Puyol

    Ana Garcia Puyol

    AR/VR Product Design Lead at Facebook. Design Technology from @HarvardGSD. http://anapuyol.com

  • Ankit Dangi

    Ankit Dangi

    machine learning, data science, algorithms, statistical models, and an optimist at heart, http://dangiankit.info

  • Louisa Heinrich

    Louisa Heinrich

    strategist. speaker. instigator. smartypants. lover of good booze, better conversation, and music of most kinds. opinions encouraged.

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